Concentric Reducer Pipes Manufacturers in India- Concentric Reducer Pipe at Low Prices

  • If you have any requirement for concentric reducer pipe fittings (weldable pipe fittings) or technical queries about seamless and welded concentric reducer pipe fittings, please feel free to contact us on or call us on +919833604219
  • Manufacturing Range: Outside diameter of ½” (21.34 mm) to 24″ (609.60 mm) for seamless and 26″( 660.00mm) to 72″ (1829.00mm) for welded
  • Material Grades: Carbon Steel Concentric Reducer, Stainless Steel Concentric Reducer, Alloy Steel Concentric Reducer, Duplex Concentric Reducer, Super Duplex Concentric Reducer, Copper Nickel Concentric Reducer, Nickel Alloys Concentric Reducer
  • Products – Elbow 90° long radius, Elbow 45°, Elbow 90° short radius, Elbow 180° long radius, Elbow 180° short radius, Tee straight, Tee reducing, Reducer concentric, Reducer eccentric, End cap, Lap joint Stub End

What is Concentric Reducer Pipe Fittings?

Concentric Reducers are used to join pipe or tube sections on the same axis. They provide an in-line conical transition between pressurized pipes of differing diameters. A pipe reducer can be a single diameter change or a multiple diameter change. The pipes cannot recognize what the outside configuration of the pipe reducer looks like.

Based in Mumbai, Metline is the leading global manufacturer and suppliers of concentric reducer  pipe fittings and flanges. The most common dimensional standard for concentric reducer pipe fittings is SME B16.9, B16.28 MSS-SP43/75 for sizes ranging from ½” to 72″ (in all Schedules). In addition to standard size reducing tee fittings, we can also offer larger sizes on customer request. We specialize in the manufacture of a wide variety of concentric reducer pipe fittings including elbows, bends, tees, crosses, reducers, caps and more. Our continuing commitment to the production of quality products has made us the most preferred choice in various industries such as power generation, petroleum, natural gas, chemical, shipbuilding, heating, papermaking, metallurgy, among others.

Why Choose Metline as Your Source for Seamless and Welded Concentric Reducer Pipe Fittings?

  • 100% Tested Concentric Reducer Fittings: All our products pass testing requirements of international manufacturing specification. Concentric reducer fittings are produced by ISO 9001 certified factory, and shipped with MTC as per EN 10204 3.1
  • Best Price Guaranteed for Concentric Reducer Pipe Fittings: When you source Metline Industries, you source everything directly from the manufacturer and stockholder! We have an average daily sale volume of around 40 tons of steel pipes, tubes and concentric reducer fittings from our stock. We believe in offering our customer’s high quantity discounts and work closely with them on all their project requirements. We always offer the most competitive prices for steel pipes and concentric reducer pipe fittings to both prospective and existing customers.
  • Fast Quotations and Delivery: We understand your need for purchasing materials with short lead times. We have extensive stocks of standard size concentric reducer pipe fittings, steel pipes and tubes, enabling us to deliver goods on an immediate basis to all our customers in India and overseas.
  • Quality Raw Materials: We use high quality raw materials to produce concentric reducer seamless and welded pipe fittings. Our raw materials are quality tested before being used in production of final product. We can also offer stage wise inspection for concentric reducer pipe fittings.
  • Standard and Non Standard Sizes for Seamless and Welded Concentric Reducer Pipe Fittings: We can offer reducing tee pipe fittings in both standard and non standard sizes with shortest delivery times.
  • Complete Documentation: We provide complete product related documents to our customers before delivery of the goods.