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A286 or Alloy 660 Nuts & Bolts Suppliers. Alloy A286 Studs, Threaded Rods & Washers

A286 Hex Bolts, Nuts, Studs & Fasteners


Stainless Steel DIN EN10269 1.4980, A286, Alloy 660 Stainless Steel Bolts and Studs Manufacturers & Suppliers, Buy Alloy 286 Hex Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Threaded Rods

We Supply A286 Screws, U Bolts, Hex Bolt with Nut’s & Washer at Best Prices

Alloy A-286 / 1.4980 is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy. Alloy A286 stainless steel fasteners, nuts and bolts are typically suitable for applications requiring heat resistance up to 700°C.

  • A286, Alloy 660 Fastener Products: A286 Hex Bolts, A286 U Bolts, A286 Bolts, A286 Hex Nuts, A286 Washers, A286 Stud Bolts, A286 Threaded Rods, A286 Hex Cap Screws, A286 Machine Screws, A286 Self Tapping Screws, A286 Socket Cap Screws, A286 Fully Threaded Rods
  • Our Manufacturing Size Ranges from M6 to M50, 1/4″ to 2″ with Varied Lengths
  • Manufacturing Process: Forging, CNC Machining, Thread Rolling, Unique Marking, Testing & Traceability
  • Manufacturing Specifications: ASTM A453/A453M 660, DIN EN10269 – 1.4980

Metline is a full line manufacturer of A286 nuts, bolts, screws and washers in accordance with DIN, ASME, ASTM and ISO standards. Alloy A-286 is also known by other names in the industry which includes Alloy 660 and DIN EN10269 1.4980.

Do you need custom fasteners or bolts created with A286? Email Us on sales@metline.in


Manufacturers & Suppliers A286 Nuts & Bolts, A286 Hex Nuts, A286 Threaded Rods & A286 Stainless Steel Fasteners

Metline offers a complete range of A286 nuts and bolts such as screws, hex bolt, hex nut, flat plain washer, anchor bolts, studs, threaded rods and U bolts. Metline is a specialist manufacturer of A286 hex nuts and bolts in size range of M6 to M100, 1/4″ to 4″ in standard and custom lengths. Metline can offer a broad range of standard and non-standard A286 fasteners.

Brand NamesINCOLOY® Alloy A-286, Alloy A-286
Trade NameAlloy A-286
Material No1.498
EN DesignationX6NiCrTiMoVB25-15-2


We are a professional factory for manufacturing nickle alloy and superalloy fasteners. As a high technology alloy manufacturer, we can produce bolts, nuts, studs/threaded rods, screws according to ASME/ASTM/DIN standard and specifications. We have different kinds of standard & non-standard fasteners made from Hastelloy Alloy, Monel Alloy, Nickel Alloy, Inconel Alloy, Incoloy Alloy, Precipitation Hardening Steel, Anti-corrosion Alloy, Duplex Stainless Steel, Superalloy, Precision Alloy, Austenitic Stainless Steel.

UNS S66286 (A-286, ASTM Grade 660, 1.4980) Stainless Steel – S66286 stainless steel is a precipitation-hardening stainless steel formulated for primary forming into wrought products. Grade 660 is the ASTM designation for this material. 1.4980 is the EN numeric designation. S66286 is the UNS number. And A-286 is the common industry name.

Chemical Composition of Alloy A286 Stainless Steel

*Different international standards have designated different values for A286 Alloy. Below is a typical table for main components.

Carbon (C)0.03 – 0.08
Manganese (Mn)1.0 – 2.0
Silicon (Si)<1.00
Phosphorous (P)<0.025
Sulphur (S)<0.015
Chromium (Cr)13.5 – 16.0
Molybdenum (Mo)1.0 – 1.5
Nickel (Ni)24.0 – 27.0
Vanadium (V)0.1 – 0.5
Titanium (Ti)1.90 – 2.30
Aluminium (Al)<0.35
Boron (B)0.003 – 0.010
Cerium (Ce)

Mechanical Properties of Alloy A286 Stainless Steel

Mechanical Properties 20°C
0.2% Yield strength Rp ≥ N/mm²635 Mpa
Tensile strength Rm N/mm²930-1180 Mpa
Elongation A5 ≥ %12
Resistant on air up to °C820
Modulus of elasticity kN/mm²200
Hardness, Rockwell C32
Physical Properties
Density g/cm³7.95
Specific heat capacity J/kg K460
Thermal conductivity W/m K12
Electrical resistivity Ω mm²/m0.91
Melting point1399°C / 2550°F

Characteristics of Alloy A286 Stainless Steel

  • Good Machinability
  • High ductility in notched sections
  • Excellent fabrication characteristics
  • Very high corrosion resistance
  • Good oxidation resistance up to 800°C
  • Good for moderate corrosion applications in aqueous solutions
  • Can be produced by AOD reefing or vacuum induction melting
  • High mechanical properties due to age-hardenability
  • Good creep-rupture strength during extended high-temperature exposure
  • High strengths that are well retained up to 700°C
  • Non-magnetic even after severe cold deformation

Additional information


Normal Dia : ¼" to 4" 6-100 mm
Length : As Specified by user or Upto any Length


Metric, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF, and as per costumers requirement


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