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ASTM A193 B7 Bolts. Buy Top Quality ASTM A193 B7 Bolts with A194 Gr 2H Nuts - CrMo Alloy

ASTM A193 B7 Bolts (Cr-Mo AISI 4140)


ASTM A193 B7 Bolts Manufacturers & Suppliers – Buy Top Quality high Temperature Fasteners!

Buy A193 Gr B7 Bolts and A194 Gr 2H Nuts Set with Washer at Best Prices!

Metline is a full line manufacturer of A193 Gr B7 bolts and A194 Gr 2H nuts in a wide range of sizes and specifications. ASTM A193 B7 Bolts are considered most suitable  for use in temperature below 450 ° C, with a minimum effect on its structural strength during application at a high temperature.

  • Bolts: ANSI B18.2.1, DIN 931, DIN 933, ISO 4014, ISO 4017, BS 1768, BS1768, IFI 115
  • Nuts: ANSI B18.2.2, DIN 934, ISO 4032, BS1768, BS 1769
  • Studbolts: DIN 975, DIN 976, BS 4882, ANSI B16.5
  • Sizes: Size Ranges from M6 to M100, 1/4″ to 4″ with Varied Lengths
  • Manufacturing Process: Forging, CNC Machining, Thread Rolling, Heat Treatment, Coating, Unique Marking, Testing & Traceability


Manufacturers & Suppliers of A193 Gr B7 Bolts and A194 Gr 2H Nuts

Metline is a leading manufacturer and supplier of A193 Gr B7 bolts and A194 Gr 2H nuts in India, and countries across the globe. We specialize in fasteners, such as bolts, nuts, threaded rods and washers, with standard ANSI, ASTM, DIN, BS, and ISO. We offer complete size range of M6 to M100, 1/4″ to 4″ in standard and custom lengths.

Chemical & Physical Properties of ASTM A193 B7 (Cr Mo, AISI 4140) Bolts

0.37-0.490.65-1.100.035 Max0.04 Max0.15-0.350.75-1.200.15-0.25
Tempering Temperature
( ° F )
min, ksi
( MPa)
Strength. min,
0.2% offset, Ksi
( MPa)
Elongation in
min %
Reduction of
min %
21/2″ and under1,100
(593 ° C )
or 35 HRc
over 21/2″ to 4″1,100
(593 ° C )
or 35 HRc
over   4″ to 7″1,100
(593 ° C )
or 29 HRc

Service Temperature Range of Various Materials for Bolting

ASTM DesignationGradeService Temperature RangeStrength & DuctilitySuitable Nuts (ASTM/Grade)
Tensile Min. PSIYield Strength min. PSIReduction of Area R/A %Elongation EL %Alloy TypeAISI
ASTM A-193B7High Temp. from 0 to 480ºC125,000100,0005016Cr-Mo4140A194 Gr 2H
ASTM A-193B16High Temp. from 0 to 550ºC125,000105,0005018Cr-Mo V(4140M)A194 Gr 4
ASTM A-193B7MHigh Temp. from 0 to 450ºC100,00080,0005018Cr-Mo4140A194 Gr 2HM
ASTM A-320L7Low Temp. -100ºC125,000105,0005016Cr-Mo4140A194 Gr 4 or A194 Gr 7
ASTM A-193B5Up to 815ºC100,00080,00050165% Cr501A194 Gr 3
ASTM A-193B6Up to 450ºC110,00085,000501613% Cr410A194 Gr 6
ASTM A-193B8Low Temp. -200ºC  to 650ºC75,00030,000503018% CR -8% Ni304A194 B8
ASTM A-193B8MLow Temp. – 200ºC  to 750ºC75,00030,000503016%Cr – 10% Ni316A194 B8M
ASTM A-320B8Low Temp. -200ºC  to 650ºC75,00030,000503018% Cr – 8% Ni304A194 B8
ASTM A-320B8MLow Temp. – 200ºC  to 750ºC75,00030,000503016% Cr -10% Ni316A194 B8M
ASTM A-320B8TLow Temp. -200ºC  to 650ºC75,00030,000503013% Cr321A194 B8T6
ASTM A-320B8CLow Temp. -200ºC  to 650ºC75,00030,000503018% CR-8% Ni347A194 B8C
ASTM A-193B8M Class 2Low Temp. -200ºC  to 650ºC125,000100,000351216% Cr – 10% Ni304A194 B8C
ASTM A-453660High Temp. up to 750ºC130,00085,0001815High Iron Superalloy660 (A286)A453 600
ASTM A-564630Med Temp.190,000170,0004010Precipitation630 (17-4)A564 630
(cond. 900) (cond. 1100)up to 316ºC140,000115,0004514Hardening STST
ASTM B-408800, 800H, 800 HTHigh Temp. 540ºC – 815ºC80,00035,00025IncoloyASTM B408
ASTM B-164405High Temp. to 815ºC85,00050,00015Monel
ASTM B-164K500High Temp. 650ºC – 423ºC100,00070,00035Monel
Low Temp. 650 ºC – 253ºC
600, 625, 718, x750ASTM B446, B637from 850ºC – 1090ºC High Temp.100,00080,00030Nickel Superalloy (Inconel)
B, C, Xto 850ºC High Temp.170,000115,00030Nickel Superalloy (Hastalloy)
Incoloy925High Temp. to – 1000ºC176,000120,0004024Nickel Iron Chrome



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