We are pleased to submit our price list for Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes for our customers Worldwide. Prices are updated as on Date 29th November 2016. Metline Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, buttweld fittings, stainless steel buttweld fittings and alloy steel buttweld fittings. We specialise in the manufacture and export of high quality Alloy Steel Buttweld Fittings, and Alloy Steel Pipes.

METLINE Industries is a steel piping and related fittings supplier and manufacturer to the global market. We have been supplying carbon steel seamless pipes, stainless steel pipes and alloy steel seamless pipes for a broad range of applications across various industry verticals. Now we are recognized one of the most reliable market leaders in the world with extensive experience. With a highly skilled engineering team who understand your process requirements, we can provide products and services suited to your exact requirements.

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All Steel Pipes are certified to the Highest Industry Standards

Contact Us @ +919967731666 and Post Your Sales Inquiry on sales@metline.in for Stainless/Carbon/Alloy Steel Pipes

The METLINE brand is built on the reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction. We as METLINE Industries is one of most important OIL and GAS steel products supplier in India, with increaing exports to America, Europe, Africa, and Arab Nations.

Metline Industries is specialized in this line for more than 14 years & sold over 50 countries, including the SAUDI ARABIA market.

We manufacture stainless steel pipes and tubes in India. We can offer special alloys pipes and  tubes in Monel, Incoloy, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, and Stainless Steel, and also perform pipe and tube value added services, such as: coating, orbital welding, and oxygen cleaning.

We can offer tubing from Ex Works, FOB, CIF, CFR Terms to DDP Basis

STOCK With Best Prices – API 5L Gr B SMLS Steel Pipe FOB
ItemProductStandardMaterialSpecificationChina OriginJapanese or Korea OriginIndian OriginRemark
1SMLSAPI 5LGr B13.72.24      1,181.25      1,771.88      1,476.56PE,Bare pipe
2SMLSAPI 5LGr B21.34.78         906.25      1,359.38      1,132.81PE,Black painting
3SMLSAPI 5LGr B21.32.77         900.00      1,350.00      1,125.00PE,Bare pipe
4SMLSAPI 5LGr B33.46.35         750.00      1,125.00         937.50PE,Black painting
5SMLSAPI 5LGr B48.310.15         712.50      1,068.75         890.63PE,Black painting
6SMLSAPI 5LGr B60.35.54         718.75      1,078.13         898.44BE,Black painting
7SMLSAPI 5LGr B60.38.74         718.75      1,078.13         898.44BE,Black painting
8SMLSAPI 5LGr B60.35.54         718.75      1,078.13         898.44BE,Black painting
9SMLSAPI 5LGr B60.33.91         718.75      1,078.13         898.44PE,Varnish
10SMLSAPI 5LGr B737.01         718.75      1,078.13         898.44BE,Black painting
11SMLSAPI 5LGr B88.95.49         718.75      1,078.13         898.44BE,Black painting
12SMLSAPI 5LGr B88.911.13         718.75      1,078.13         898.44BE,Black painting
13SMLSAPI 5LGr B88.95.49         712.50      1,068.75         890.63PE,With caps
14SMLSAPI 5LGr B88.95.49         718.75      1,078.13         898.44PE,Varnish
15SMLSAPI 5LGr B101.65.74         731.25      1,096.88         914.06PE,Bare pipe
16SMLSAPI 5LGr B114.38.56         712.50      1,068.75         890.63BE,Black painting
17SMLSAPI 5LGr B114.36.02         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Varnish
18SMLSAPI 5LGr B114.36.02         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Varnish
19SMLSAPI 5LGr B114.66.02         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,With caps
20SMLSAPI 5LGr B141.36.55         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Varnish
21SMLSAPI 5LGr B141.36.55         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Varnish
22SMLSAPI 5LGr B168.314.27         706.25      1,059.38         882.81BE,Black painting
23SMLSAPI 5LGr B168.310.97         706.25      1,059.38         882.81BE,Black painting
24SMLSAPI 5LGr B168.37.11         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,With caps
25SMLSAPI 5LGr B168.37.92         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Bare pipe
26SMLSAPI 5LGr B168.37.11         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Varnish
27SMLSAPI 5LGr B168.37.11         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Varnish
28SMLSAPI 5LGr B219.18.18         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Bare pipe
29SMLSAPI 5LGr B219.18.18         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Varnish
30SMLSAPI 5LGr B2739.27         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Varnish
31SMLSAPI 5LGr B273.19.27         706.25      1,059.38         882.81BE,Black painting
32SMLSAPI 5LGr B323.810.31         706.25      1,059.38         882.81PE,Varnish
33SMLSAPI 5LGr B323.910.31         706.25      1,059.38         882.81BE,Black painting
34SMLSAPI 5LGr B355.611.13         750.00      1,125.00         937.50BE,Black painting
35SMLSAPI 5LGr B355.69.53         750.00      1,125.00         937.50PE,Varnish
36SMLSAPI 5LGr B406.416.66         750.00      1,125.00         937.50BE,Varnish
37SMLSAPI 5LGr B61041.28         875.00      1,312.50      1,093.75BE,Black painting
38SMLSAPI 5LGr B61041.28         875.00      1,312.50      1,093.75BE,Black painting

Our Key Products Information, is as below:

  1. ERW Steel Pipe: OD 1/2 – 26 inch (21.3-660mm)
  2. SSAW Steel Pipe: OD 8 – 120 inch (168.3-3048mm)
  3. LSAW Steel Pipe: OD 14 – 64 inch (355.6-1820mm)
  4. Seamless Steel Pipe: OD 1/8 – 36 inch (10.3-914.4mm)
  5. Scaffolding Tube and Couples

“Seamless Pipes up to 48″ in all Schedule, Ratings and Grades with Special Coatings Available. Specialist Exporter of Indian Origin Galvanised Steel Seamless Pipes”

Available in Material Grade A53/ API5L/ A106 – Ex Stock Delivery to Anywhere in the World. Write to us on sales@metline.in !

  1. Test Certificates Available as per EN 10204 3.1
  2. Certificate of Origin would be Provided
  3. Prices Updated as on 29th November 2016
  4. Validity: Subject to Material remaining Unsold
  5. Quantity discounts available for bulk volumes and FCL load in case of exports

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