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Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Pipes, with Flange Ends. Fixed or Swivel Type Flanges

Flexible Hose Pipes with Flange Ends


Buy High Quality SS Flexible Hoses with Flanges at Best Prices!

  • Inside Corrugation: SS 304, SS 316, SS 321
  • Outside Braiding: SS 304, SS 316
  • Layer: Single, Double or Triple Braiding
  • Sizes: 1/4″ to 12″ in lengths upto 20 MTR’s
  • Pressure Testing: 1.5 times Working Pressure
  • Design Temperature: 200°C to 800°C for AISI 321 & 316 – 200°C to 420°C for AISI 304 & 304L
  • Test Certificates: Available with Materials
  • Manufacturing Specification: BS 6501: Part 1 : 1991 / ISO 10380 : 2004
  • End Connections: Fixed or Swivel Type Flanges, in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Carbon Steel 

We are a specialist manufacturer of SS 304 Braided Flexible Metal Hose Pipe with Flange ends. Since our inception, Metline has been a renowned name in manufacturing Flexible Hoses with Flanges for  the most demanding applications. Our stainless steel braided flexible hose with flanges are used by customers in chemical, oil and gas, food processing, pharmaceutical industries, and power generation.

Stainless Steel braided flexible hose pipes with flanges are the general purpose product, and can be used in applications involving high temperatures and working pressures. Outside braiding of AISI 304 stainless steel wire is used, to give maximum pressure resistance and external protection to the hose assembly.

Metline has in-house manufacturing for stainless steel flanges and stainless steel pipe fittings making it one of the fastest producer and supplier of flange end corrugated flexible hoses in Mumbai, India. Flexible Metal hoses are commonly known by many names such as stainless steel hose, braided steel hose, steel braided lines, and flexible metallic hoses.


Metline is a manufacturer and professional supplier of Flexible Hose Pipes with stainless steel or carbon/mild steel flanges as end connections. We can offer SS wire Braided Flexible Hoses with flanges in a variety of configurations, with stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316 wire braiding. SS wire braided flexible hoses with flanges manufactured by Metline have large pressure and temperature capacities, and is resistant to bursting, cracking, and crushing, while being quite flexible and resistant to vibration.

Fixed Flange or Swivel/Loose Flanges
British Standard : Table D, E, F, H,    Pressure Rated Flanges : PN10 PN16, PN25, DIN, ISO
ANSI / ASME Standard : ANSI B16.5 ASA 150#, ASA 300#, ASA 600#,   JIS Flange Standard : 5k, 10k
Threaded Flanges, Butt Weld Flanges, Custom Made Flanges, Slip On, Welded & Others available
Custom flanges as per Customer Specifications – Fixed Flanges or Loose Flanges.
MOC of Flanges – Materials
Stainless Steel 304/304L Flanges, Stainless Steel 316/316L Flanges, Mild Steel/Carbon Steel Flanges

Pressure Rating for Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Pipes, SS Wire Braided Hose Pipes, with Flanges

Nominal SizeStatic Dynamic bend radiusMax. workingTest pressureBurst Static Dynamic bend radiusMax. workingTest pressureBurst 
bend radiuspressurepressurebend radiuspressurepressure
1 ½4013025032481281302505176204
2 ½6520041026391042004104161164


  • We can also supply the above hoses for higher pressures. The above values are indicative only, and for further details, please contact our sales or technical team.
  • For static pipe work, the bend radius can be reduced considerably.
  • For extra high pressure, extra braid can be provided.


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